Three of Roxanne Ziegler's beautiful harps

Events: The Versatile Harp Is the Perfect Choice

Besides being an elegant and romantic choice for weddings, the harp is a versatile instrument that conveys and supports a wide variety of emotions. It definitely enhances those life moments we celebrate:
  • Bridal and baby showers
  • Christenings, birthdays, graduations
  • Engagement parties, anniversaries
  • Family gatherings and dinners
  • Teas, garden parties, cocktail parties
  • Grand openings, fundraisers
  • Client receptions, company parties, corporate functions
  • Networking events

Harp Presentations and Demonstrations

Roxanne has performed numerous presentations and demonstrations of harps and the music they create. These can be tailored to meet the needs of any organization. Please visit the Presentations page for more details.
“Thank you for your wonderful presentation on Saturday night at the Memorial Art Gallery. It was the perfect music…I am still hearing rave reviews.”
—Karen G.

Roxanne’s Healing Harps

Music is a powerful, therapeutic tool because it is a universal language that crosses cultural lines, taps into body rhythms, generates immediate responses, and is used in rituals from birth to death. Music can organize the brain by the interaction between the emotional and memory regions of the brain, and can do so in ways that the chaos of normal life cannot.

In the therapeutic realm, live music is not done as a performance, but as a service. Its benefits effect not only the patients, but the caregivers, staff and family. Peaceful music seems to mellow out what can typically be a stressful atmosphere.

The harp is gaining popularity as the instrument of choice for therapeutic work. It has one of the most fluid and lyrical sounds of any instrument and subtly fills a room. Since healing includes de-stressing the human body and mind and elevating and inspiring the human spirit, the harp effectively and beautifully meets this challenge. Besides merriment, ancient and current uses of the harp include soothing, healing, enhancing slumber, and helping with grieving.

“Thank you for playing for my mom this morning in Clifton Springs Hospital. Your music as always is gentle and healing. ”
—Noreen P.

As a therapeutic musician, Roxanne plays live music at the bedside of persons who are faced with physical, emotional and spiritual challenges. This interaction generally occurs in the person's home, hospice or clinical setting. She uses the inherent healing elements of live music and sound to enhance the environment for the patient, making it more conducive to the human healing process. Healing does not mean a cure. Rather, healing is defined as movement toward mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wholeness.

Roxanne feels called to play therapeutic music on the harp in medical settings. She believes this is where her special gifts and talents are, and she considers this to be a ministry. When she is able to connect with people on this very personal level and can even temporarily ease physical, emotional or spiritual discomfort, she feels very blessed. In these situations, her music is not played as a performance or entertainment; rather it is music that serves with the intention of benefitting the wholeness/wellness of the person with whom she works.

Certified Music Practitioner

Roxanne Ziegler has been a Certified Music Practitioner (CMP) since 2004 through the Music for Healing and Transition Program and also had training through the International Harp Therapy Program.

As part of her training, she was required to complete an internship working one-on-one with patients. She chose Clifton Springs Hospital for her work because the philosophy of the hospital is open and welcoming to complementary therapies. After her internship was completed, the hospital engaged her healing harp services and she played there weekly for 12 years. At Clifton Springs Hospital, she has opportunities to work with patients in pre- and post-op, ER, ICU, hospice, Cancer Center, Special Services, the dementia unit, the nursing home and at patients' bedsides in their rooms. It was an overwhelmingly positive experience for patients, staff, visitors, and Roxanne!
“Roxanne is a true blessing, not only for our patients and residents but also for the staff. When she begins to play her music, you can see and feel the entire unit just breathe a sigh of relief. The stress level drops dramatically as her beautiful music soothes our spirits. We at Clifton Springs Hospital are graced with her calming effect every week in the surgical recovery area and medical/surgical units of the hopsital as well as in our nursing home. Roxanne is a true gift to us all.”
—Retired Chaplain Gail Conners

From 2000-2006 she worked at the Lipson Cancer Center at Rochester General Hospital.

Roxanne often meets folks she played for at the Center during that period, and they continue to express how meaningful her music was to them during their time of need.

The softness, subtleness and serenity of the harp have profound and long-lasting, positive effects.
“We so sincerely love and appreciate your beautiful music at the Rochester General Hospital Lipson Cancer Center. That is such a giving of yourself to so many people who need it, including hospital personnel. Thank you so very much.”
—Mary & Don M.

Roxanne serves on a weekly basis at the Jewish Home of Rochester, playing for residents in group settings and in private rooms. She plays once a month at the Monroe Community Hospital and at the Edna Tina Wilson Living Center in Greece. She also plays monthly for 11 different neighborhoods at St. John's Home and for residents of St. John's Greenhouses. Many other senior, independent, and assisted living facilities, in several counties also invite Roxanne to provide service music on an occasional basis.

“Roxanne has been offering therapeutic harp sessions here at the Jewish Home of Rochester since September 2005. The music she provides has such a calming effect, and it's amazing to see the transformation in resident behavior. She has a special way about her and can bring much joy and laughter to a room or bring much peace and comfort to our hospice residents. We are very fortunate to have her here with us.”
—Susan Price, former Director of Therapeutic Recreation, Jewish Home of Rochester

She was interviewed about the healing music of harps in this article from the Democrat and Chronicle.
“God has given you an awesome gift! You bless many with your music. It's never easy being in the hospital, but a special treat like your harp therapy can cheer up anyone. It was so appreciated.”
—Family of Margaret H.

The Gift of Healing Music At Bedside, Wakes or Funerals

Family or friends of hospital patients, nursing home residents, and hospice patients often wish to do something special for them but find it difficult to decide on something appropriate. A unique gift of sensitive, soothing, healing music played by a talented, experienced, caring musician brings comfort to everyone who hears it.
“Thank you so much for playing your harp for us. Your music is comforting to the soul both in listening and watching as you play. You give a wonderful blessing to so many through your beautiful music and cheerful words.”
—Donna C.

The gift of therapeutic music to those in hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, or at home gives comfort to the afflicted, the caregivers, and to family and friends. The warm tones are soothing and healing and can bring comfort at wakes, funerals and memorial services.
“Thank you so much for helping to make my mother's memorial mass such a beautiful, healing time for us. Many, many people in attendance who had never had the privilege of hearing you play were in awe of the depth and power of your music. They were touched by your gifts deep in their hearts, and they will carry treasured memories of your music.”
—Liz M.
Music is the shorthand of emotion.
—Leo Tolstoy

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